“The Jukebox” Photo collage, 2018

In The Gallery

 This section features a few of the photographs and photo collage images that will be available for viewing and purchase at Le Chenail Cultural Centrein Hawkesbury, Ontario, from October 12 to November 25

“The Portal” Photo collage, 2018

“The Auto Empire Building” Photo collage, 2018

“Waterworld” Photo collage, 2018

Trailer, Tidnish Shore

Some photographs from previous exhibitions.

1958 Chevy Corvette
1935 Chevrolet Master Deluxe
2014 Porsche Carrera GT
1939 Chevy Coupe
2014 Maserati
Chevy Pickup
1918 Phaeton V12 Cadillac
1952 Chevy Pick-up
2014 Maserati
Burgundy Classic
2014 Lamborghini

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